Past Projects

The following past projects highlight our IT experience and skills:

:: Designed and implemented a corporate Wi-Fi network using Cisco 5508 WLCs, 3702i APs, ISE, PI and MSE.

:: Designed and implemented the data network components of Avaya SIP solution.

:: Designed, implemented and migrated core switches from Cisco Catalyst 6509 and 6506E to Nexus 7009 with FEXs.

:: Designed and implemented 10Gb network for XenApp upgrade from 4.5 to 6.5 using IBM BNT 10Gb switch modules.

:: Completed an IP network and firewall detailed design for a new service for a mobile service provider.

:: Completed a core network upgrade detailed design document for a bank.

:: Supported more than 80 Sun servers (including E10K and F15K) for a bank.

:: Designed a redundant network across two geographic locations for a bank.

:: Performed a network audit on various managed wide area networks (consist of more than 1500 network devices) for a network management service provider.

:: Upgraded a legacy Novell / Windows 98 corporate network to Windows Server 2003 / Windows XP.

:: Designed and implemented a fully redundant IP services network (consists of more than 100 Cisco devices) for a mobile service provider.

:: Managed about 40 Check Point firewalls (version NG and 4.1) on Nokia, Sun, Windows and Linux platforms for a mobile service provider.

:: Conducted network audits of the major IP networks for a mobile service provider.

:: Conducted network security audits for various New Zealand organisations including a bank, a telco, an airline, a hospital, a major chain store retailer and two government departments.